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Fox Labs Testing and Testimonial

Actual Live Test of Fox Labs Pepper Spray by self defense professional

I am sure you already know this but this weekend I tested various brands including Freeze +P, mace pepper gard, Sabre OC/CS, Sabre Red, First Defense and of course Fox 5.3. The Fox 5.3 was hands down the fastest acting and most intense spray. Just breathing in the Fox Cone was enough to stop me and make me focus on my own survival. The residue from Fox was 10 times worse than the level 1 contamination of Sabre Red Foam I received last year. It took about 3 minutes before I felt the Sabre Red.

After talking with instructors from several firearms academies, we all found that the best sprays contain:

1. 2% to 5% OC solution. Concentrations greater than 5% often don't atomize as well making them slower acting and less effective.

2. High SHU rating of 2 million or more.

3. A close ratio of OC to Capsaicinoids. Fox has 2% OC with close to 1.0% capsaicinoids. That's perfect.

4. Cone or Fog pattern that affects deep lung breathing. However, I also found that the Fox stream affected breathing.

I am very grateful you all continue to carry a large selection of Fox 5.3. Many other manufacturers reserve their 2 ounce flip tips for LE only even though they are far less effective than Fox. I will continue to order all my Fox Sprays from your company and I promote your company in my seminars.



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