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Camera Finder & RF Bug Detector

cc308 Bug Detecter

Camera Finder & RF Bug Detector

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Item # CC308
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Camera Finder and Bug Detector in One

Much improved over previous versions. The Camera Bug Detector can detect cameras in 2 ways: radio frequency from the transmitter or by the lens reflection (even if a pinhole lens).

The light weight and easy to use DCBD mini camera detector will detect all types of cameras-wireless and wired-and wireless audio bugs. The DCBD will detect RF signals within the 1 MHz-6.5 GHz range which include GSM, WIFI, Bluetooth, FM, VHF, UHF, 900/ 1200/ 2400 wireless audio and video transmission frequencies. Four signal strength LED status indicators allow you to zero in to the source. The unit also comes with an adjustable sensitivity knob and allows you two alert modes (audible and vibrate). You can also use the included headphones to detect RF signals without any sound from the unit in the buzzer mode. The adjustable lens detector mode allows you to locate pin hole cameras with 6 flashing LED (with different flashing frequencies). The built in 500 mA rechargeable LIION battery will allow you to operate the unit up to 6 hours for lens detecting and up to 15 hours for RF detection. The unit measures 2 and five-eight inches x 2 inches x one-half inch.

Be sure to charge unit before its first use.
You get:
  • Dual Method Camera Detector with built-in LI-ION battery for up to 6 hours lens detector operation per charge or 15 hours of RF detector use.
  • Charger
  • Ear buds
  • Instructions (built -in compass)

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