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Real live account of recent Fox Labs pepper spray being used successfully.

2 Oct 03

Fox Incident in SA:

My friend recently underwent back surgery and is currently in a brace and unable to sit down:

"My wife drove me to our local shopping mall, so that we could take a short walk. Car transportation for me consists of an awkward process of arranging my frame into a suitable configuration, so that I can plop into the passenger seat. The seat is flat, as I cannot sit. Getting out is even more of an expedition.

On arrival at the mall parking lot, my wife parked the car and got out to come over to my side to help me. I unlocked my door and opened it partially. Next thing, the door was violently yanked open, and I was confronted by an aggressive, belligerent drunk, who was shouting, cursing, and demanding money. No hesitation on my part! He instantly got a squirt of Fox. My aim was off. The main stream went wide. However, the little he did get was more than adequate! He lurched backward in astonishment. The last I saw of him, his face was buried in his hands, and he was coughing, gagging, and floundering aimlessly on one foot and one knee. My wife and I, of course, left immediately and parked on the other side of the mall. Never saw the guy again."

Lesson: My friend had a plan! The drunk did too, but the last thing he expected was an immediate and precise counterattack. In the end, a violent encounter was avoided, and my friends are okay. Good show!

Fox OC really works! Highly recommended. I carry it all the time.


For your information... John Farnam is an internationally known and respected firearms trainer and author and a war historian. He has also been a deputy sheriff for many, many years. He sends out reports on incidents from around the world usually using first hand accounts as they have been related to him. Most of the time they regard firearms and shooting incidents. Occasionally he shares little known war facts. He (virtually) always ends with the "Lesson," that can or should be learned from the information. Sometimes he has something to pass on about our superb products. I normally don't forward these things, but this one is pertinent because it relates to a civilian incident and a spraying that (virtually) missed the intended target. You can read how effective our products are, even in this type of circumstance on an intoxicated individual.

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