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Lifejacket Gun Lock

Life Jacket Gun Locks  LJ2

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MSE Gun Lock Life Jacket LJ-2

The LJ-2($42.95)pistol lock is steel and uses a different lock and key type. You can get multiple LJ-2s with the same key, but cannot mix LJ2 locks with other models (same for the LJ4). Choose from the dropdown menu.
If you already own a Lifejacket pistol lock and want another with the same key number, it cannot be economically done unless we happen to have a unit with the same key number on the shelf. E-mail us and we will let you know. It may only be feasible to order 2 units keyed alike. If you need another key for your pistol lock, you have to contact the manufacturer. Save your packaging for that information
The Life Jacket LJ2 trigger lock is designed to fit most semi-auto handguns as well as small and medium frame revolvers(incl 1911, Glock, Beretta etc.) Its steel construction is both lightweight and secure.
For Semi-Automatic Handguns and Small and Medium Frame Revolvers
The LJ2 is the heavyweight steel version and built to fit large frame handguns as well. The LJ2 is mountable so you can hang on a wall in the closet, the bed frame, the dashboard etc. You drill two holes using the included template and need to purchase 2 screws depending on the material mounted.

Life Jacket Compatibility Chart for LJ-1, LJ-2 and LJ-3, (.pdf file)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The LJ1 and LJ2 pistol locks have passed the California-Approved "Drop Test".

Shotgun Life Jacket Trigger Lock

For Semi-Automatic and Pump Shotguns
IMPORTANT NOTE: The LJ3 is California-Approved.

Expert comments about the Life Jacket gun Locks
"The design of the security lock renders the firearm inoperable under most conditions. The only way in is with the key, or brute force and burglary tools. The lock's polycarbonate construction can withstand a 1-ton truck."
"Law Enforcement Technology"
"The Life Jacket Gun Guard system provides quick, easy access to firearms in an emergency."
"American Rifleman"
"The Life Jacket works simply. By covering virtually the entire handgun, sticky fingers can't play touchy-feely with buttons and controls. Magazines stay where they belong, safeties stay "on safe" and hammers, slides and sights don't get fiddled with. Little tykes will soon lose interest, leaving everything safe and sound."
�"Guns Magazine"

United States Test Laboratory Life Jacket Test Summary
Test Date: 5/29/01 Record Number: FSD030
Procedure 1): Picking or Manipulating Test...PASS Cylinders in the firearms safety device shall resist picking with use of paper clips (jumbo size), paper clips (#1 size), and small screwdrivers that fit in the keyway for two minutes each. Combination locks shall resist manual manipulation for two minutes. Procedure 2): Forced Removal Inspection...PASS Inspect the firearm and firearms safety device to determine if the firearms safety device is of such a design that it may not be disabled or removed from the firearm through the partial destruction of the firearm with common household tools. Procedure 3): Tensile Test...PASS This test is designed to test the strength of th firearm safety device utilizing a pulling action. Apply 225 pounds force slowly along the central axis of the firearms safety device locking components without interfering or giving support to either the mating locking components of the firearms safety device. Procedure 4): Shock Test...PASS This test is designed to test the firearms safety device and locking mechanism ability to withstand shock. Using the shock impact fixture, drop a 2.2 pound weight from a distance of 39.4 inches five times to the top of the firearms safety device body aligned to impinge and penetrate the locking keyway or combination lock using a chucked blade-type tool. Additionally, using the shock impact fixture, drop a 2.2 pound weight from a distance of 39.4 inches five times to the top of the firearms safety device body using a chucked steel rod tool. Procedure 5): Shackel or Cable Cutting Test...N/A* This test is designed to determine the firearms safety device resistance to cutting forces of 1,000 pounds force for solid metal shackles or with hand forces of 100 pounds force for cables. Procedure 6): Plug Pulling Test...PASS This test is designed to test a cylinder lock�s ability to withstand a pulling action to dislodge the plug from the cylinder. Drill the keyway with a number 20 diameter drill bit and insert a self tapping screw of size AB12 at least 0.75 inches deep. Apply a required tension of 225 pounds force axially between the case and installed screw. Procedure 7): Plug Torque Test...PASS This test is designed to test the ability of a firearms safety device�s keyway, if so equipped, to withstand torque pressures. Insert a screwdriver with the largest flat blade (not to exceed 5/8 inch) that will fit into the keyway, so that a torque load of 89 pounds force-inches can be applied to the plug. Procedure 8): Sawing Test...PASS The testing agent shall accomplish a test using a standard carbon steel hacksaw blade with 32 teeth per inch with a consistent vertical downward force of ten pounds. The test shall consist of 120 cycles, with no time limit, by hand. One cutting cycle is defined as the combination of one 6-inch forward and one 6-inch backward cutting motion. Procedure 9): Drop Test...PASS** Cocked and loaded firearm secured by firearms safety device is dropped according to the following conditions: a) Normal firing position with the barrel horizontal � with the locking mechanism facing directly up. b) Upside down with the barrel horizontal � with the locking mechanism facing directly down. c) If the firearm is a handgun, on the grip with the barrel vertical. d) On the muzzle with the barrel vertical. e) On either side with the barrel horizontal. f) Exposed hammer or striker, otherwise on the rearmost point of the weapon. * The Shackel or Cable Cutting Test did not apply to Life Jacket� LJ1 and LJ2 (pistol type), LJ3 (shotgun type) or LJ4 (AR15/M16 type) devices. ** The Drop Test was not applicable to the LJ3 (shotgun type) or LJ4 (AR15/M16 type) safety devices. United States Test Laboratory does not certify or endorse this product. USTL emphasizes that Firearm Safety Devices have limitations and note that any such device can be defeated through the utilization of time, energy and tools. USTL is not liable for any such injury, death or property damage as a result of the use or misuse of this product. For use with:
AMY Auto-Ordinance Beretta Bersa Brolin Browning Colt Coonan arms Daewoo Interarms Glock H & K Hi-Point Kahr Kimber Grizzly Llama Luger Para-Ordnance Rossi Ruger Sig-Sauer Smith & Wesson Springfield Taurus Walther Wilson and more...

We have some LJ1's keyed alike, see the dropdown menu below.
We can order LJ1 and LJ3 models keyed alike(together or just the multiples of the same model). Just use the message box on the order form. The price is the same.

Multiple LJ2s can be keyed alike but cannot be mixed with other models. There will be a delay in obtaining LJ2's keyed alike as they are special ordered.

Contact the manufacturer for extra keys or warranty service: 1-817-330-0312. We do not carry extra keys.


Excellent.. just what I wanted. 
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