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Lifetime Guaranty for Stun Guns

Several brands of stun guns and stun batons offer a lifetime guranty to the original owner. A brief explanation of how this guaranty works follows. remember, the guaranty is from the maker or brand owner, not Defensedevices.com.

Should the stun product fail to work due to defect in the materials or workmanship, specifically excluding failure due to abuse (taking item apart or rough usage), batteries failure due to age, condition or brand, the manufacturer (or brand owner) will replace the item or repair it (their choice).

If the item fails within 30 days of the sale, we will replace the unit free of charge (assuming the cause of the failure is not abuse or batteries) including the cost of return shipping. After 30 days, the purchaser is responsible for shipping both ways. The purchaser must send the item to us with their name, address and order number and description of defect. Also, we would need payment for return shipping (minimum $7.95) or permission to charge the original credit card at least this amount.

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