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Bear spray by MACE

Mace Bear Spray

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MaceŽ Bear Pepper Spray Serious Bear Protection Sale

Bear Pepper Spray by Mace has proven to be effective protection against possible bear attacks. MaceŽ bear pepper spray has the strongest EPA approved animal repellent rating (2.0% Capsaicinoids) with an extreme blast range of 35-feet! This is double the EPA required level to be called bear spray. Contains 9.2 full oz. or 260 grams of bear spray, This is the large can and is exactly what you need to survive a bear attack. Dimensions are 9.38 inches tall by 2 inches in diameter. Human pepper spray is not the same as bear pepper spray. Only EPA approved bear sprays may be sold as deterrents against bears and have specific minimum requirements that must be met and maintained.

Add a heavy duty nylon belt holster for only $6.95, see dropdown menu to add. (Same holster being sold for over $12 elsewhere)
or a heavy duty nylon holster with clip for only $7.95

Strap a can of Bear Pepper MaceŽ to your side before you head out on your next outdoor adventure, and feel secure that you have a personal defense spray that can stop a bear attack cold. Bear spray has been rated as being more effective than a gun at stopping bear attacks. Bear Pepper spray by MaceŽ. Accept no substitutes. Zip tied to ensure spray is new and unused.

Bear attacks happen as fast as lightning! The average distance hikers have first noticed that there was a bear nearby prior to a charge is only 14 feet! Most situations where you will need to use your bear spray will be in a close surprise encounter. Practice at least five times going for your bear spray in the holster or until you can reach it in a split second’s time when needed. You may want to practice actually shooting directly from your holster, practice makes perfect! When a bear breathes the pepper spray in, its sense of smell is instantly shut down, which confuses any animal. Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent, an irritant, that gets into the bear's mucus membranes, causing temporary blindness, choking and difficulty breathing.

A holster is recommended to keep the bear spray close by should you have a bear attack. The bear is not going to wait for you to dig it out of your pack in an emergency. We offer the absolutely best prices on the heavy duty nylon belt holster or the same holster with a strong steel belt clip. These are only $6.95 and $7.95, respectively when you buy bear spray. These prices are $3 to $5 less than others are selling them for. This model bear spray is packaged in a hang tag with product code 80446. The Clamshell packaged product is 80346.
  • Mace Brand quality
  • 2.0% Capsaicinoids, highest in industry
  • Big 9.2 oz can.
  • Tremendous 35 foot range
  • Can empties in 5 seconds of continuous use.
  • Operating instructions and safety precautions written on can label.

    Cannot ship by air, must use UPS ground shipping only. Sorry this product cannot be shipped to APO addresses, AK, or HI.
    We can now ship this product to MI, WI and NY.
    Choose your options to get the discounted holster from the dropdown menu.

    Seriously consider a holster for your bear spray because the bear is not going to wait for you to get it out of your pack. We are offering an American made product of heavy ballistic nylon for the best price on the internet at only $6.95 (A dollar more for holster with clip instead of belt loop). Shipping Restriction: Must use ground service, any other method will be changed to ground.

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    Limited Time Offer

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