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Few innovations have changed the world quite like the invention of Mace pepper spray. Originally invented in 1965 by Allan Littman after his wife was threatened on the street with no way to protect herself, Mace security has become the leading line of defense in America. Later branded by Smith and Wesson, the Mace brand has been reformulated over the years to a powerful perfection that is capable of incapacitating any assailant. Safety conditions can change in an instant, and if you are not prepared to fight, you may end up paying the ultimate price. Mace sprays are an easy solution almost anyone can utilize!

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We are pleased to offer a wide selection of Mace security products for your personal protection. As the leading seller of pepper spray and alarm products, Mace security items have proven over time their reliability of their products through astoundingly successful results. Whether looking for pepper spray in the form of a key chain or in the form of a trigger-pull gun, these sprays have all been tested before they were sold to ensure you can trust your safety to this incredible brand. Offered in a variety of potent formulas, including dog repellant, these pepper sprays are the highest quality on the market for a sting strong enough to keep you safe.

Aside from the exceptional pepper sprays, Mace security offers a line of DIY home alarms for extra protection at home. With a variety of options, including window break alarms, motion detectors, door jammer brace alerts, and more, safety comes to the home front in easy to install and easy to use products to keep the whole family safe. Sleep better at night knowing your loved ones are protected by this trusted brand in personal protection.

For over 15 years, DefenseDevices.com has been serving customers with the widest selection of top-notch safety equipment from the most trusted names. Our commitment to customers allows us to offer a customer satisfaction guarantee on the products we sell to ensure you always get exactly what you need. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about the products we offer.

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We offer the best values in self defense products, non lethal weapons like pepper spray, stun guns, batons, personal alarms as well as home security alarms and child safety products.
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