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Metal Detector and Holster

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Metal and Weapon Detector Super Scanner

This handheld weapon/metal detector is the same model used by professionals to search for any mass of metal that might constitute a weapon and its relatively cheap. This includes steel, iron, aluminum, copper etc. The use of guns and weapons have become so common that not even our schools are safe anymore. Assure your security with our hand held metal weapons detector. Light-weight and easy to use, yet powerful enough to detect concealed metal objects as small as a hat pin. Ideal for airports, schools, prisons, sporting events,nightclubs, etc. to locate metal weapons. Features an earphone jack, sensitivity adjustment, and carrying holster with belt loop. Requires one 9 volt battery.
Weighs only 12 oz. with battery installed. Other brands weigh almost a half pound more. What for?
The Super Scanner metal detector has a jack to charge rechargeable batteries if used.
Rechargeable batteries (not included) will recharge in 4 to 6 hours.(adaptor not included)
Install 9 volt battery and turn on switch.
User will be notified when metal is in close proximity by audible beep and flashing red light.
Razor blade can be detected at 5 to 10cm, a pen knife in 10 to 15cm. A 38 cal. handgun can be detected from 20 to 28cm (about 8 inches). This unit is just as sensitive as other major brands.
Operating Freq. is 22kHz.
Operating Current is <50mA.
Dimensions: 39.5cm long by 6.8cm wide by 3.2cm high.

Handheld Weapons Metal Detector

Comes with holster.
One Year Warranty

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