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Defense Technology White label Formulas in the 3.0 ounce (MK4) size.
Included nylon belt holster for up to 12 units. Limited time offer.

Defense Technology pepper spray mk4

MK4 First Defense OC Spray +nylon holster

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First Defense OC MK4 Aerosol from Defense Technology a subsidiary of Armor Holdings. #5049

All #5049 orders are sent priority mail.
This Defense Technology chemical spray is the same pure pepper OC formula and brand used by thousands of Police departments around the USA for the last 20 years.
The First Defense MK-4 contains 3 ounces of 10% pepper spray formula(10% of 500,000 SHU OC base).
Actuator is a Flip Top, stream pattern that provides an impact pattern of 180 sq.cm. at 1.5 meters.
Capsaicinoid content is .18% per ASTA 21.2. (10% of 500,000SHU)
NonFlammable and Non Toxic.
First Defense Pepper Spray is made from a solution of Oleoresin Capsicum, Water, Ethanol,and Propylene Glycol. All ingredients are certified food grade in accordance FDA guidelines.
Its important that no permanent harm accrues to the target. This is the most humane formula to use that is still effective.
Legal in most states including legal in Wisconsin, but cannot ship to NY, MA, HI or AK.

OC Pepper Spray Cannot ship by air

Two Formulas available, .2% OC and the 1.3%OC.

Defense Technology Review; I'm a correctional officer with IDOC and this is the kind we use on duty. Just wanted some for personal protection as I've found it is very effective. 9/7/2015

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