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nylon holster for mk9 pepper spray

MK-9 Chemical  Holster Molle

MK-9 Chemical  Holster Molle

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MK-9 Pepper Spray or Gas Chemical Canister Nylon Molle Holster

Holster for big cans of chemical spray.
Accommodates gun handle or firemaster nozzle, 12 to 16 oz.
Adjustable Canister accommodate a taller can,

This thigh holster will also accommodate an M18/26 Taser. This rig is as good as the Blackhawk model yet costs much less. Made in America.
The pepper spray is not included.

MK9 holder with molle straps (inset picture). Now you can carry your big can of chemical spray on your molle vest. Just choose from the dropdown menu. No belt with this model, it attaches with two vertical molle straps (snap on and off) that can fit on any horizontal belt.
This molle version (CDM-08A) cannot carry the flashlight holder.

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