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New York Pepper Spray Legal Issue

MELVILLE, N.Y. Police in Suffolk County say a California woman took a cab from Manhattan to Long Island and then pepper-sprayed the driver instead of paying the fare.

The incident started Saturday when the 22-year-old woman from Redwood City, Calif. arranged for the cabbie to drive her from Manhattan to Melville, Long Island.

According to the Suffolk police, the two agreed on a fare of $150 but when they got to the Marriot Hotel in Melville, the woman offered $80.

Police say that when the cabbie told her to pay the full fare she sprayed him in the eyes with pepper spray.

The woman was charged with assault and unlawful possession of noxious material. She is scheduled to be arraigned at First District Court in Central Islip on January 8. Taken from Fox news.com Sunday, October 25, 2009 .


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