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ASP Palm Defender

The ASP Defender Series is precision machined from high strength aerospace aluminum. They are lightweight, low profile, easily carried and devastatingly effective. Bright dip industrial anodizing is accented by an injection molded Delrin safety. The solid brass keyring swivel retains two heat treated, black chrome plated split rings. Both the dispersion tip and retention cap are o-ring sealed. The safety is positive and secure. Release requires two distinct movements. Straight line activation places a cone-shaped spray on target, even in the dark. Heat (OC) provides two million Scoville Heat Units of Oleoresin Capsicum protection. Test (Inert) Inserts allow safe training.

You may like the ASP Key Defender with greater capacity and also makes a great striking tool. See it below this description text.

Smaller than the Key Defender, the ASP Palm Defender is a bit over 4 inches long and contains 3 grams of 2MM Shu pepper spray (10% concentration) enough for 3 half second bursts.
Effective range is about 3 feet.
Straight Line activation makes aiming certain even in the dark.
With something so compact there is no excuse not to have that extra edge in case you need it.
Sturdy keyring and safety lock mechanism is built in to avoid accidents.
Can be used as a key flail or kubotan to make strikes or joint locks more effective.
Comes with one Heat Insert loaded.
ASP Palm Defender Part#
  • 54954 Black,
  • 54950 Blue,
  • 54953 Red,
  • 54952 Pewter,
  • 54951 Violet

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