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Pelican 7060 Rechargeable Police Flashlight Gen3 Sale

Pelican 7060 LAPD Led Flashlight Rechargeable  Gen 3

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Pelican 7060 LED Rechargeable Flashlight LAPD Design 368 Lumen Output

$3.95 shipping by UPS ground. This model is the Police Tactical flashlight, battery and charger (there is no holster included although available separately) designed for and used by the LA Police Dept..
The Los Angeles Police Department, often a testing ground for new law-enforcement products, just began distributing to its officers new flashlights made by Torrance, Calif.-based Pelican Products. The flashlight, called the Pelican 7060 LED, is the product of two years of research for a flashlight that's brighter than the metal ones often carried by cops and too small to double as a billy club. "This may be the prototype flashlight for police departments around the United States," LAPD Chief William Bratton told a news conference.

The Pelican 7060 LED light employs a revolutionary dual switch technology that allows the light to be activated by either a body-mounted patrol switch or a tail-mounted tactical switch. The dual switches, which include a momentary mode and high/strobe/medium/low beams, allows the user to grip the light in several positions and still control activation. In addition, the 7060 is self programmable. This allows the individual user to custom tailor the various modes to their liking. The light incorporates a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for maximum brightness and is also lightweight compared to standard batteries.

But the 7060's size is what gives older flashlights a beating. At just 8.7-inches long and weighing 10 ounces, the 7060 is much shorter and lighter than the aluminum flashlights long preferred by cops. The Pelican 7060 has:
  • Dual switches, one on the butt, the other midway. No more hunting for the switch, its in both places.
  • Long life, rugged Led light source
  • Burn time of 1.5 hours
  • 368 Lumen output.
  • Rechargeable 2200 mAh Li ion battery, charging dock included. Charges in 4 to 5 hours.
  • 8.65 inches long, 10.4 oz in weight.
  • Focused beam penetrates to 220 yards. A 12 foot peripheral beam provides useful sidespill.

    What you get:

  • Flashlight,
  • Battery,

    I've been on the job in law enforcement for over 32 1/2 years. I thought this was the best light I've ever used. The brightness was by far the best I've ever seen and I compared it with other officer's lights. No comparison. It handles with ease and the length was just right. Great light. I want one! " Jim Gerardi/ Detective, California "Best flashlight I ever used. I didn't want to give it back. It fell onto a busy roadway during a foot chase in freezing rain and was out there for over an hour in traffic and slush. It was found and suffered no problems. It worked just fine! The dual switches and better grip make it way better than my current and is much brighter." Autumn Kennedy/ Midnight Patrol Officer, Michigan "Brightness is the #1 advantage of this light. Dual switches are a great feature too." Ron Chew/ Deputy Sheriff, California "Excellent product. I used it as a normal flashlight on midnight shift (11PM to 7AM) and used as tactical light during training. The 130 lumen brightness made it an exceptional general use light. The brightness was also very disorienting to subjects during training. It appears to be well built and very sturdy. Working in a cold climate (Michigan) the fact that the light is made of polymer helps prevent the light from getting too cold to hold onto as you would experience with other aluminum made lights. Excellent product - Can I have it back?" Mike O'Hala/ Patrol Sergeant, Michigan
    $3.95 shipping.

  • (4-20-2018)

    Very good light 
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