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Pepper Spray Comparison Chart

Pepper Spray Comparison Chart

Today, I was going to create a comparison chart reviewing all the relevant features of the leading pepper sprays I know about. I started to gather the information from the different manufacturers and it struck me that this effort does not make any sense and will not provide any value for the reader. The reason being is that when you start with Fox Labs which manufactures its spray products with a 5.3 million Scoville Heat unit base, its already won. Fox Labs is the only manufacturer that goes to the trouble and expense to create a formula using a resin that is so concentrated. My reasoning is thus: The key to effective pepper spray is how quickly and thoroughly the spray can irritate and inflame the nerve endings in and around the eyes, nose and mouth. There are many agents that can irritate these sensitive areas of the human or animal body, but we want one that will irritate intensely and cause maximum pain without actually killing tissue or nerves. Fox Labs formula is the only one on the market using a pepper (Oleoresin Capsicum) base that is so close to the pure pharmaceutical form of the compound. It would make sense that if the active ingredient in the formula is at its maximum concentration, it would have the maximum effect on the tissues it touched. Well, you do not want to touch raw base as it may blister your skin and cause permanent damage. However, Fox Labs has created a formula to take advantage of the maximum impact on living tissues and nerves without causing permanent damage. Because it is so pure, it works faster than any other pepper spray and works on more types of people (drunks, drugged and psychotics). If you want the best pepper spray, Fox Labs 5.3 OC is the right formula for you.

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