Included Police Magnum pepper spray with hardshell keychain in your colors.

Pepper Spray Keychain Colors

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Body Color
Bottom Color
Quick Release Color

Pepper Spray Keychains Mix and Match Colors Police Magnum 17

We can mix up the body colors with different bottom plug colors with different quick release colors. Just make your choices and specify how many you want of each combination. Click on the picture to make it larger.

For example you may want a red body and purple bottom and no quick release. Just choose the body color, choose the bottom color and leave the quick release choice at "none". Then choose the number of units of each.

The quick release is optional or you can choose within the same range of colors as the pepper spray key chain body and bottom.

Why settle for boring old black when you can mix up the colors to suit your style and have something no one else does. The pepper spray included is Police Magnum OC-17

. The cases cannot be refilled once they are loaded. Pepper Spray Restrictions
Pepper Spray cannot be shipped to NY, MA, HI or AK or outside the USA. (Except Bear Spray and Muzzle Dog Spray can be shipped to NY, MI and WI). Any order that includes pepper spray will be shipped UPS or USPS Ground unless you specifically ask to split the order and ship the other items by air. Two shipping charges would then apply.

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