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One of the easiest to use, most powerful, and most iconic self defense tools of the modern age is pepper spray. One small package can help you instantly stop any attacker in his or her tracks, giving you the power to cause an instant chemical reaction with one short spray. Effects range from temporary blindness to difficulty breathing to stinging of the eyes and nose, giving you a window to escape from any threatening situation. Best of all, they do not use harmful force, and the effects of the reaction are temporary, so you do not have to worry about causing permanent damage, and it is legal in all states.

Many conventional weapons require extensive training to be useful. Most people are more likely to harm themselves than an attacker, and risk being disarmed or having their weapon turned on them. Pepper spray is very easy to use and requires little training, so it is an easy choice for anyone looking to improve their safety. We have a great selection so you can get a powerful formula that you can rely on. This will help you live every day confidently and worry-free, knowing you are well protected against any potential threat.

Look through our large collection and find the best names in the industry. At the highest level, we offer Fox Labs pepper spray for any self-defense purpose. Cops, private security, and the military all use it today. We also have many other top brands, including Mace, Sabre, Defense Technology, Streetwise, Wildfire, Police Magnum and Pepper Shot. Many people like these brands for one reason or another. They all have very positive characteristics and are worth your time to learn about. Any pepper spray is better than none in most situations where it could be effective. This product can easily save your life or prevent you from getting harmed by allowing you to escape from your attackers, so it is always worth having a can with you for your protection

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