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Streetwise and Wildfire Pen Pepper Spray Sale - 40%+ off!

Pepper Spray Pen High Heat 18%

Pepper Spray Pen High Heat 18%

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Pepper Spray Pen-Streetwise or Wild Fire

Black Pen barrel. The hottest formula ever put into a defense pen sprayer. Looks like a regular pen(similar to a flair), but take the cap off and you can apply some of the nastiest formula on the planet and stop any attacker cold. A full 2 million SHU formula, as hot as bear spray. This deceptively innocent pen is perfect for concealment in office environments or anywhere. The pepper spray pen makes a great gift(comes in a clamshell). Sprays up to 6 feet for about 10+ shots. Remember to test and, if necessary, replace your existing pepper spray pen. If its been knocked around in luggage etc. it may lose its compression after about 2 years. However, I have some that still spray after 5 years. Better safe than sorry.
Now available in Police Magnum OC.

Also available is the new Streetwise Pepper Spray Pen derived from a 4 million shu formula. Guaranteed to be hotter than any other pen formula made. Black only

Independent Laboratory Heat Rating Certified Derived from over 4 Million SHU 46% Stronger than competing brands Instantly repels an attacker Incapacitates for up to 45 minutes UV Marking Dye

Streetwise Pepper Pen Not in Stock. Expected 4/27/18 approximately.

Also available is the Wildfire brand of 18% pepper spray. This is a scorching formula of 18% of a 3 million SHU base.
You get 6-10 bursts with an effective range of 6 to 8 feet. Very effective at inducing temporary blindness, coughing and choking. A one second spray will incapacitate an attacker for up to 45 minutes without causing any permanent harm.

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Pen Pepper Spray

Like all pepper sprays, only ground shipping is available for this item.

We cannot ship pepper spray to NY, HI, AK, PO boxes or APO addresses.


Can't comment on performance as I don't want to spray it unless I need it and I haven't had to use it as yet. But it does look just like a pen. 


Items were received on time and as advertised/described. 
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