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PIR Color Video Motion Detecion DVR Camera

HD Covert PIR Camera DVR

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HD Covert Camera PIR DVR +Free 8GB Micro SD Card 720p

High Def, Pre-Motion Trigger, SD Card, Motion Detection, Video Storage, Remote viewing with free app, all in one unit!

PIR stands for Passive InfraRed which is the method the camera uses to sense motion and determine if it should start recording.

Special Free Micro SD Card with every camera/dvr purchased. Limited Time Offer - Only while they last

Just plug this disguised HD camera into a wall outlet, load a micro SD card and you are ready to record video with a motion sensing dvr. Perfect for security(watch the kids or a nanny) and surveillance purposes. Playback on your PC or any player accepting SD cards. This HD Camera with DVR and built-in night vision looks just like a passive infrared motion sensor, so it will blend in anywhere in a home or business. These Passive Motion Sensors are usually part of a security alarm system meant to capture motion during off hours so it will not raise any suspicions. The HD 720 camera records video in high definition (a resolution of 1280 x 720) to the micro SD card. It is powered by AC power so you don't have to recharge it (an adapter with six feet of cord is included). It has night vision so it can record in the dark. It has a motion detector so it can be set to record only when there is motion with a pre-motion trigger which will save the three seconds before the motion started and the three seconds after the motion has stopped.
Measurements: 4 x 2 and seven-sixteenths x 1 and one-eight inches.

You get:

  • DVRWPIR WiFi Mobile Cam
  • DC Adaptor
  • Manual
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Video Installation Demo CD
  • Warning Label
It requires a Micro SD card to store the video.

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