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Sabre Crossfire Pepper Spray

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Sabre Red Crossfire Pepper Spray MK3 or MK4

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Sabre Red Crossfire Pepper Spray MK3 or MK4

    These models designed with the Crossfire technology to fire at any angle, even upside down. The 52cft10 model has been the most popular Sabre pepper spray we sell.
    Crossfire Models Available
  • 52CFT10 is MK3, 1.5 oz Flip top Stream with 10% 2MM 1.33% capsaicinoids. 10 1-second bursts, 20 foot range
  • 52CFT10GEL is the MK3, 1.8 oz Flip Top Gel formula. Level 3 formula 2MM SHU, 10%, 20 foot range.
CROSSFIRE can deploy continuously from any position or angle to increase target acquisition. SABRE’s Crossfire technology was specifically developed to give officers the upper-hand when controlling dynamic subjects.

Superior to 1st and 2nd generation Aerosol Irritant Projectors, Crossfire introduces 3rd generation technology which allows SABRE OC canisters to deploy continuously from any position. Picture the face of an analog clock which displays the time through the use of fixed numbered dials and moving hands. 1st generation OC sprays only deploy upright between the clock’s 10 and 2 dials. 2nd generation OC sprays increase target acquisition with the addition of ˝ second bursts deployments between the clock’s 4 and 8 dials. The 3rd generation Crossfire will deploy continuously from any position or dial on a clock to maximize target acquisition when encountering dynamic subjects.

This is the famous Sabre Red 10% of 2 MM SHU formula in a can that can spray upside down and sideways. Flip Top Activator and Stream Spray Pattern. MK3 size, 4.35 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide. Rated for 10 1-second bursts with 12-15 foot Range.
Contains 1.8 oz of spray formula rated at 1.33% Capsaicin.(MK3)

Also available is the MK4 version(3.0 oz of formula) for $3 more. Other models also available. See dropdown menu"

MK3 dimensions: 1.375 in D x 4.375 in tall.
MK4 dimensions: 1.375 in D x 6.375 in tall.

Formulation: Water soluble Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) and ultraviolet making dye. The formulation is non-flammable and electronic immobilization device compatible. Each canister is stabilized and contains an operating pressure of 140 PSI.

Labeling: All canisters are labeled with a protective Mylar over lamination cover which resists wear and water damage. Canisters are labeled with the shot pattern, batch number, serial number and expiration date. Individually serialized canisters permit easy identification and link to formulation batch numbers for quality assurance tracking.

Quality Control: Security Equipment Corporation maintains quality control system in accordance with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for the following:

American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Tests: Operation Test Discharge Duration Test Intermittent Discharge Test High Temperature Exposure Test One Year Time Leakage Test Temperature Cycle Test Operating Weight Test Gasket Dependability Test Hydrostatic Pressure Test Pressure Vessel Test

Federal Regulations: Security Equipment Corporation certifies that all units comply with the following:

29 CFR 1910 - Occupational Safety And Health Standards AOAC 995.03 - Oleoresin Capsicum Assay 16 CFR 1500.41 - Test for skin irritant 16 CFR 1500.130 - Labeling of self pressurized canisters 16 CFR 1500.45 - Test method for determining flammability of contents of self pressurized canisters 16 CFR 1500.42 - Test for eye irritant 16 CFR 1500.3 - Acute Inhalation Toxicity Study

We cannot ship pepper spray to NY, MA, WI, HI, AK, PO boxes or APO addresses. Pepper spray cannot be shipped by air, only ground service can be used.



Item arrived on time and as described. The expiration date on the item showed it was of recent manufacture. Very satisfied. 


order filled correctly and shipped promptly 


Great seller ! 


Timely delivery. As described. 
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