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Sabre 3/4 oz OC with pocket clip

Sabre Pepper Spray with clip

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Sabre Red OC with clip

Always have your pepper spray protection with this pocket size Sabre unit in the .75 oz size.

Order the 3/4 oz size with the OC only formula, that's the Sabre Red, or you can order the 3 in 1 formula which includes the tear gas. You may also order either with a jogger strap. See the dropdown menu below.

Trust Sabre to protect your with one of the most advanced defense sprays available! 2 Million Scoville Heat Units, 4 times hotter than the average Law Enforcement spray Red Pepper and an invisible ultraviolet dye designed to assist police in suspect identification. The Sabre Pocket Unit with Clip has a convenient clip to hold it securely in your shirt or jacket pocket within easy reach. Instantly effective. Shelf life 4 years. Ballistic stream spray pattern reduces blow-back Effective firing range of 8-10 feet. About 35 sprays per can, much more than the competition due to the unique actuator and filling process. Approved 2-position safety valve 4 tall X .75 wide. Sabre pepper sprays are used everyday by NY, Chicago and Los Angeles police departments.
Make a jogger unit for only $2.95 additional. See dropdown menu.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Why Buy Sabre Products
ISO 9001:2000 Certification High Performance Liquid Chromatography Guarantee Environmental Protection Agency Establishment Health Canada Establishment "The Most Potent Defense Spray" - P.G.R.A. "The Best Tactical Spray" - 2003 AZ OC Staff Study 30 year track record - Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975! Ultraviolet marking dye aids in suspect identification SABRE products are test fired & checked for leakage before leaving the factory SABRE products are used by the NYPD & thousands of police departments worldwide
Cannot ship to NY, MA, WI, MI, HI or AK
Shipping Restriction: Must use ground service, any other method will be changed to ground.

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