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Self Defense Kit fits into your pocket or purse. Top notch self defense products for very little money. Limited Time Offer!

Self Defense Bundle #1

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Item # SD-WPSC-1
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Sale Price$9.95
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Self Defense Kit Bundle #1

This self defense kit contains the following safety items:
  • Police Whistle
    The Police Whistle has a loud 125 dB, distinguishable twin-note sound. The Police Whistle emits a sound designed to frighten would-be attackers and alert others to help. Comes with lanyard to wear on your neck.
  • Police Magnum Keyring Pepper Spray
    OC-17 Police Strength OC Oleoresin Capsicum Solution, Non-Toxic, Non-Flammable Safety Top to Reduce Accidental Discharge, Ultraviolet UV Identifying Dye for Subject Identification
  • Cat Keychain
    It is made of an ultra-tough plastic material that is very hard to break.

    All of these items easily fit into your pocket or purse and can save your life. The whistle can produce a siren call as loud as a home security alarm. The keyring pepper spray can incapacitate any attacker. The cat defense keychain can improve your striking power to land a devastating blow.

    All three self defense items in one set also saves you money and ships for only $5.95.

    Note: Cannot ship by air due to pepper spray
    Cannot ship to NY, MA, AK or HI

  • Door Stop Alarm
    Door Stop Alarm

    List: $17.95
    Lowest Sale Price: $6.95
    You Save: $11.00 (61%)

    Personal Panic Alarm Fast Activation
    Personal Panic Alarm Fast Activation

    List: $9.95
    Lowest Sale Price: $7.95, 3 for $22.49, 100 for $595.05, 200 for $1,094.05
    You Save: $2.00 (20%)

    Door Jammer Security Lock
    Door Jammer Security Lock

    Door Jammer Security Lock
    List: $44.99
    Lowest Sale Price: $27.98, 2 for $53.99
    You Save: $17.01 (38%)

    Door Stop Alarm
    List: $17.95
    Lowest Sale Price: $6.95
    You Save: $11.00 (61%)

    Mini Keychain Alarm Pull Pin Flashlight Mouse PL-11
    List: $11.95
    Lowest Sale Price: $8.37, 2 for $15.49, 10 for $75.00, 20 for $145.00, 30 for $208.50, 50 for $325.00, 100 for $585.00
    You Save: $3.58 (30%)

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