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Shot Gun Alarm Signal - New and Improved - Stronger spring, more reliable design.
Add Camo Tripwire for lower price.

Shotgun Alarm Signal

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This 12 Gauge Shotgun Alarm signal, should be used outdoors only, can be an effective pest control and early warning signal against intruders or predators on your property. This booby trap device is all aluminum construction that can be used over and over again. Designed to accommodate 12 gauge blanks. May be used to secure goods or vehicles by attaching alarm to nearby post or stout 4x4 and the tripwire to your ATV, tractor or other vehicle. Being sure to aim shell in safe direction and hiding the tripwire under the vehicle. Remember to use a tripwire with very little or no "give". A metal tripwire is best for longer runs. If your "wire" is string and has too much play or stretch it may not operate the device properly.

Shotgun Perimeter Alarm Kit contains:

  • Alarm Unit
  • 2 Nails to install where required (tree, fence, post, etc).
  • ONE standard 12 gauge blank cartridge
  • Trigger Pin
  • Instruction sheet

    Important to secure device before pulling back the firing pin and inserting trigger. Always set up device in its permanent position, pointed in a safe direction, before inserting blank shell. Never use ammo that has shot or slug or any other projectile. Additional blanks available at any gun or sporting goods vendor that sells shotgun ammo.


  • Not available in states of AK, HI, IL, CA, MA, DC, or NY.
  • Cannot send to APO/FPO
  • Cannot ship by air, ground shipping only.
  • Never aim the device at people or animals.
  • Can start a fire if fired into combustible materials.
  • You are responsible for knowing the laws in your state and area regarding possession and use of this product.
  • By purchasing this product you certify you are 21 years of age or older and are not prohibited from owning or using this product.
  • You also certify you will deploy this product in a lawful and non-destructive manner.
  • No sales to any person under 21 years of age.

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