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Spectroline 6W UV 2 Bulb Rechargeable Ultrviolet Light 365nM B260

6 Watt Dual Tube UV Lamp 365 nm Rechargeable

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Spectroline Dual Tube UV Lamp with 365nM ouput and Rechargeable Battery B260

$3.95 Ground Shipping The economical B-260 long wave (365nM) UV light is precision engineered to give you super performance for many years. Its dual 6-watt, self-filtered uv tubes emit a nominal peak 500 W/cm2 (single tube) or 850 W/cm2 (dual tubes) at 6 inches (15cm). The durable, high-impact plastic housing and stainless-steel tube guard protects against accidental breakage.

The B-260 uv Lamp is powered by one rechargeable 6-volt, lead-acid battery that provides up to five hours (dual tubes) or seven hours (single tube) of continuous operation. The battery is rated for 200 to 1,000 charge/ discharge cycles depending on the depth of discharge. A red LED indicator light shows when the charger is operating. The battery is designed to last 4 to 5 years under normal conditions. Recharging is simple just plug the charging cord into an AC outlet and let the unit charge for approximately 24 hours.

Dimensions: 10.25 x 3.15 x 5.63 in (26 x 8 x 14.3 cm)
Weighs 4 pounds

Many uses for this versatile performer including rodent detection on food crops or baseboards. Finding animal stains on floors, walls and carpeting, etc. Leak detection and more.

To keep lead acid in good condition, apply a fully saturated charge lasting 14 to 16 hours. If the charge cycle does not allow this, give the battery a fully saturated charge once every few weeks. If at all possible, operate at moderate temperature and avoid deep discharges; charge as often as you can.

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