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Spin Top Pepper Spray for the Elderly

Spin Top Pepper Spray for the ElderlyThe Need For Spin Top Pepper Spray

As much as we would wish otherwise, the world can be a dangerous place. That means there are criminal predators that prey upon those who are unable to defend themselves. This is because criminals do not want to risk injury to their own person. As such, they will seek out victims that may not cause them harm and are easy to overwhelm. This is why senior citizens are often a target of crime. It is also why they need to take steps to defend themselves. This is why spin top pepper spray is so helpful since it would be helpful for those seniors in need of a special self-defense item.

Some may wonder what the difference is between a spin top pepper spray device and a traditional pepper spray item. The main difference is the spin top variant has been designed for use by individuals with weak hands. This makes it perfect for those who may be elderly and do not have the full power of their wrists or fingers. And, in a serious situation, it is critical not to fumble with a self-defense item. When it comes to using a defensive item, speed is of the essence. The pepper spray needs to be pulled and fired with extreme expedience. If not, the weapon could be taken off the person using it. With the spin top, this problem is eliminated and the expediency – and safety – is restored to the equation.

The way this particular item works is rather simple. All it requires is a minor quarter turn to engage it into firing mode. Once this is engaged, all one needs to do is press down on the top. This will immediately release very powerful pepper spray in a direct line. The product also has a built in safety component based on the presence of parallel lines. If these lines are not parallel, the spray can be released. Conversely, if you wanted to keep it from firing, simply misalign the parallel lines. This spray is also attached to a key ring so there will be no need to fumble around looking for it. You can simply attach keys to the pepper spray and place it in your pocket.

Also, the actual pepper spray in the canister is extremely powerful and will be able to seriously disrupt an attacker’s offense. It is not a product that will cause serious damage to the person’s eyes so there will be no permanent effects from using this product. There is, however, one very unique aspect to this spray. It leaves an invisible dye on the person’s skin and clothing that can be made visible under UV or blacklight. This can greatly help the police ID an attacker if he is arrested later and away from the scene.

So, if you are an elderly person or someone who has a weak hand, the spin top pepper spray device is the perfect defensive item for you. It can certainly prove helpful in a dangerous situation and that is why it is so recommended.

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