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Spitfire Pepper Spray

Spitfire Pepper Spray

Spitfire Pepper Spray

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Spitfire Pepper Spray Refills by Sabre

Spitfire, as its name implies is the fastest pepper spray to deploy. Spit fire Pepper Spray can be sprayed from any angle to hit the attacker even if behind you. Small, compact and fits on your keychain. One hand operation. 8 Foot Range. 8 bursts capacity. Instructions on product card. Pullout keyring included.

SpitfireŽ is the fastest deploying and most compact key chain pepper spray is now manufactured and sold exclusively with SABRE RED Pepper Spray! Spitfire's ergonomic design has become a favorite of pepper spray users for over a decade. Deploy with less effort and with greater accuracy from your hip or over your shoulder with patented deployment technique and quick release key ring.
Contents:4.5-gr., 10% OC / 2 Mil. SHU Rating; approx 14 ˝ sec. bursts.
Canister refills offers extra value. Available in black, red, and purple.

FLOAT TEST Know your pepper canister is still loaded by simply dropping the red canister into water at room temperature. If it floats up and breaks the surface, replace it. If not, it is ready to use.

Pepper Spray cannot be shipped to NY, MA, HI or AK or outside the USA. (Except Bear Spray and Muzzle Dog Spray can be shipped to NY, MI and WI). Any order that includes pepper spray will be shipped UPS or USPS Ground unless you specifically ask to split the order and ship the other items by air. Two shipping charges would then apply.
See the video below for examples of how to use Sptifire pepper spray

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