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Bug detectors, spy gear and equipment for self protection
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Bug Detect Audio GPS  SPY

Bug Detectors, Spy Gear and Countermeasures

Spy gear such as; Radio frequency bug detectors, line tap detectors, gps tracking, listen through walls,electronic countermeasures, hidden camera detectors and more on this page.

Important Legal Notice:
Can you legally record that telephone conversation or other communication (like the audio portion of a videotape)? Verbal notification at the beginning of the taped conversation will comply (assuming you are one of the parties in the conversation). Local regulations vary. It's recommended you check with your utilities commission.
Your state may also have regulations on recording your own 2 party conversations.
Surreptitious third-party interception of phone conversations (planting and using a bug) is always illegal.
Here is a resource to help determine if a planned surveillance involving audio is legal in your area: Reporters Recording Guide
Note: There will be no refunds for lock pick and door opening equipment and bug detection equipment. Replacements will be made for any products that become non-functional during the warranty period.

  • Audio Digital Recorders and Phone recorders
  • Spy Stuff and Listening Devices
  • Lock Pick Sets and Tools

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    Covert Coin Hide
    Covert Coin Hide
    ST-COV-QTRList: $24.95
    Lowest Sale Price: $19.95
    You Save: $5.00 (20%)
    Telephone Microphone Suction Cup Pickup
    TRD-10List: $10.95
    Lowest Sale Price: $2.99
    You Save: $7.96 (73%)
    White Noise Generator Professional ANG2200

    Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days

    White Noise Generator Professional ANG2200
    ANG2200List: $1,299.95
    Lowest Sale Price: $796.94
    You Save: $503.01 (39%)
    USB Audio Recorder Digital Thumb Drive

    Availability: Usually ships the same business day

    USB Audio Recorder Digital Thumb Drive
    SWUSBAR4List: $39.50
    Lowest Sale Price: $10.00
    You Save: $29.50 (75%)

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