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State Pepper spray

Some states have restrictions that prohibit certain pepper sprays, mostly Wisconsin. These products are approved for sale in Wisconsin.
The first 3 products listed are approved for use in Wisconsin.
Fox Labs is approved for sale to Michigan. Find them here: Fox Labs Pepper Spray
We just found out the Mace Dog Repellent Spray can be sold to MI, WI and NY.

Wisconsin: You must be over the age of 18 to possess or use pepper spray. In addition, it is only legal to use OC or pepper spray if you are defending yourself or your property. Wisconsin prohibits tear gas and/UV dye in the pepper spray. Here is a link to the Wisconsin laws regarding pepper spray: Wisconsin Pepper Spray Laws

Only products with an OC concentration of 10 percent or less are now legal in Wisconsin. It is still illegal to possess or use other tear gas products in Wisconsin.

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MK3 Defense Technology 1.47oz
DT-5039List: $19.99
Lowest Sale Price: $12.95, 20 for $249.00, 32 for $382.40
You Save: $7.04 (35%)
Mace Pepper Mace Fog Spray Closeout
80321List: $19.95
Lowest Sale Price: $7.00, 2 for $12.00
You Save: $12.95 (65%)

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