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Streetwise Pepper Spray

Streetwise Pepper Spray

Looking for something safe, but strong enough to protect yourself at all times? Look no further than our selection of Streetwise pepper spray. With a reputation for high quality, powerful formulas and being effective in all scenarios, it will get the job done. We offer a wide variety of sizes and styles so you can find one that suits your needs!

We have tons of different options that range from a half ounce can, to a one pound can. Our spray is known for delivering excellent results, one powerful spray will have your attacker down and out. These products are designed for law enforcement, but we also sell it to civilians, so they have the ability to protect themselves. It is ideal to be placed anywhere conveniently in your belongings, or in your home, simply pull it out and pull the trigger. All of our choices of Streetwise pepper spray are designed to protect you with the highest concentrations of the active ingredient called oleoresin capsicum or OC. A quick burst to the perpetrator's face will cause temporary blindness, coughing, choking, and so much more pain and confusion that they will break off their attack and you can escape to find help. It is the safest way to protect yourself without worrying about potential legal charges that come from firearms or striking/cutting weapons.

With most attacks coming quickly and out of your sightline, you need to be able to protect yourself. In the world we live in today, you never know when you will have to protect yourself and your family. Investing in a safe alternative like Streetwise pepper spray is a great decision to make. The use of pepper spray allows you to limit the threat of danger, without causing any serious, long-term injuries. Our choices can incapacitate an attacker for up to 45 minutes without causing any permanent damage. Our products have been tested by independent laboratories and have proven to be the most effective brand available.

Not sure which one of our choices would be best for you? We offer reliable customer service with top-notch products here at DefenseDevices.com.

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Streetwise 2 Oz Pepper Spray 23
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