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Streetwise Stun Gun Testamonial

Just wanted to give you a quick product review on this item. I own one of these that I purchased from you, and I also recently purchased a 4.5 million volt "The XXXX" from another vendor thinking that more voltage is better (Plus it has the charge-fill indicator light and can't be over-charged like other models). Just out of curiosity I decided to test each of these by briefly touching it (1/2 second) to my forearm. The results I got were a surprise: 4.5 Million volt XXXX: Yes it hurt. It was unpleasant, but it wouldn't really slow me down if I was determined to keep coming. This was also supposed to be 11 milliamps which is higher than most stun guns, but I'm not sure I believe it. 3 Million volt Blackout: Glad I was sitting down! This thing made me see stars with even just a brief touch to my forearm. Plus I was sore for quite a while afterward. Wouldn't want to repeat the experiment! Big difference in performance - and the higher voltage was not better. Just goes to show you there are big differences in manufacturers and that voltage ratings do not seem to be standardized like the should be. For me, Streetwise (Blackout brand) is the company with more credibility. Interestingly, when you test-fire the Streetwise it produces a very loud "pop", whereas The Runt produces a much more subdued buzz/sizzle.
signed "D" 3/2/2010

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