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Motion Detector Alarm Strobe Light + Remote Discontinued

Strobe Motion Alarm w Remote

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MA795DC - Wireless Motion Detector Alarm Strobe Light with Remote and new Chime feature
120 dB Loud

This reliable wireless motion detector strobe alarm with light and remote can be installed in minutes and is powerful enough to protect your home or office from any intruder.(Indoor use only)

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Wireless Motion Detector Alarm and Lightcan be placed an a table or hung on the wall. It will detect motion from up to 30 feet away within its wide 110 degree range. If not disarmed by the owner using the remote control, it will respond with an ear piercing alarm and blinding strobe light which will scare off the intruder and alert others. You may select either alarm or door chime mode by simply holding the remote button for 3 seconds. Entry and exit delays with LED indicators for alarm mode only.

Our most popular model of motion alarm

The alarm will sound for approximately 35 seconds and then reset unless more motion is detected. The alarm also allows you to set your own programmable codes for additional security. The alarm has a 10 second delay after arming to avoid false activation and provide you time to disarm if needed. Once armed, the Alarm waits 15 seconds to sound.
Note, the alarm and the strobe go on at the same time when motion is detected.
Now with built-in chime. You can switch from alarm to a chime sound when a loud alarm is not required.

Note: You can power with batteries or optional wall plug adaptor shown below . We are the only vendor that supplies both, apparently.

A switch on the side of the strobe light allows the light to remain on and to be used for emergency lighting during a power outage(or any purpose you choose). Also an ideal home security alarm or for a retail store, office, dorm room, or hotel room.
Low battery indicator light, very handy to know.
Includes an adjustable mounting bracket and remote keychain. Additional remotes can be purchased separately.
You can easily program 2 or more alarms to be controlled by one remote using the 4 digit dip switches on each unit. Each alarm and each remote are controlled by their dip switch settings so you can make any remote control any alarm or number of alarms.

The alarm unit requires one 9 volt and four AA batteries or an AC adapter that is 9V DC rated at 500 mA. The remote unit requires one 12V battery (like a garage door opener battery found below)
Note, the IR remote control unit operates on IR or infrared and only works within line of site of the alarm. Effective range of the remote is 12-15 feet, The remote must be pointed directly at the red window receiver of the alarm.That is the nature of IR.
6.25" high, 2.6" wide, 2.0" deep
Indoor use only
Alarm comes with one remote. Extra remotes can be purchased for $8.95, however if you order an extra remote with the alarm, it is only $6.95.
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Wireless Motion Detector Light

From the American Tinnitus Association website: We measure the loudness of sound in decibels (dB). Most experts recommend that you use earplugs when exposed to 85 dB and above. But what does 85 dB mean? The following chart shows common sounds and their associated sound levels. 70 dB Washing Machine 80 dB Alarm Clock 2 feet away 100 dB Blow Dryer, Subway Train 105 dB Chainsaw, Power Mower 110 dB Screaming Child 120 dB Rock Concert 130 dB Jackhammer, Jet Plane

Best price online for the Strobe Alarm Motion Sensor
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Same product that Sears wants $33
Same, exact alarm is sold at Cabela's for $39.99.


This is a "must have" if you live in the country. They work great. 
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