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Tactical Pen and Knife Combination Unit.

Tactical Self Defense Pen

Tactical Pen and Knife Sale

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Item # 211376
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Tactical Pen and Knife

The 211376 is an all black beauty that packs a lot of features in a small package. 6 inches long and one half inch wide, about the size of a marker pen, it weighs 1.7 oz. This give you plenty of length and nothing excessive as it will fit into any pocket and is longer than most kubatons (5 to 5.5 inches). The top of the pen is the designated contact point for any confrontations. The bottom is a soft stylus tip to allow you to operate your electronics.

Unscrew the bottom and the writing pen is revealed. two extra ink cartridges are provided gratis for refills.
Now unscrew the pen from the top and you will unsheathe the 1 inch stainless steel blade with blackout finish.
The outside of the pen is well finished in black with 2 knurled sections for a superior grip.

Should you need a weapon of some sort to assist you to repel an assault, what better than your pen which you have on you at all times anyway? Its a force multiplier if used as a striking implement or a sharp blade with which you can cause significant damage to any foe.

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