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Tenergy Lithium CR123A Battery Protected

Tenergy Lithium CR123A Battery Protected

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Tenergy Lithium 3Volt CR123A Batteries

Now with internal protection circuit at no extra charge. Tenergy makes these high power, long life, CR123A Lithium Ion Batteries. Used for many applications: Photo cameras, Flashlights, stun guns and many more. Every Tenergy CR123A battery incorporates PTC protection and the PTC threshold is set at 5AMPS. The protected Tenergy CR123A batteries prevent excessive discharge that can damage lithium cells and may lead to catastrophic incidents. Long shelf life of 10 years with minimal natural discharge. Ultra high energy density and last 3-5 times longer than ordinary alkaline batteries in high current drain devices like digital cameras. Fast Flash performance with a consistent and very short recycle time. This highly performance CR123A can replace the following models: CR123, DL123A, K123A, EL123AP, VL123A, 5018LC, and CR17345. Warning: Can Not Be Recharged! TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Voltage:3V Capacity: 1400mAH Dimension: Height x Diameter: 16 x 32 mm Weight: 0.56 Oz

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