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Best Deal on Tire Spikes - 4 to an order, $18.95 for a set of 4 units.
Less than $5 each.

Large Tire Spikes Sets of 4

Tire Spikes

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Tire Spikes 4 to a box

Keeping your private property safe from intruders should always be a priority, and with tire spikes from DefenseDevices.com, it's easier than ever before. These Road Stars heavy-duty steel spikes are designed to disable a vehicle immediately. They serve as an excellent roadblock, and each individual spike stands up on its own.

Road Stars are compact, portable and field-expedient. They will cause an instant tire blow-out because they are made from 0.312-inch hardened, round steel with Class IV tips. Featuring industrial-grade welds and a razor edge, these 3-inch-long spikes are lethal to rubber. Their shape is based on the ancient caltrop, which guarantees that one spike always lands straight up. Because they are only 3 inches high when they are on the ground, drivers aren't likely to see them at all.

Remember, it is up to you to use Road Stars responsibly. They can be used as an instant roadblock, to stop a pursuit or to prevent parked vehicles from fleeing. Road Stars are only designed for private property protection, and you must use them with proper warning signs. Sample signage is included with Road Stars so that you can follow the proper protocol for using them.

Cost is less than $5 each

Caltrops Set of 10 Tire Spikes
Caltrops Set of 10 Tire Spikes
Caltrops Set of 10 Tire Spikes
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Lowest Sale Price: $3.99, 25 for $93.75
You Save: $5.96 (60%)
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Caltrops Set of 10 Tire Spikes
Caltrops Set of 10 Tire Spikes
M-CT10List: $9.95
Lowest Sale Price: $3.99, 25 for $93.75
You Save: $5.96 (60%)

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