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Travel Wrench Instructional Training DVD

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Travel Wrench or Impact Kerambit Instuctional Training DVD

The Travel Wrench Instructional DVD is an introduction to the use of the Impact Kerambit Travel Wrench designed by Kelly Worden. The DVD can also be utilized by the beginner or advanced student as a primer for connecting different martial systems into one smooth flowing system of individual self defense. Aside from focusing solely on the travel wrench, the Travel Wrench Key Ring Instructional DVD can also help improve tactical efficiency of any self defense tool (improvised or otherwise), as well as improve efficiency of unarmed self defense tactics. The DVD begins with a series of different street attack scenarios played out against an average middle-aged non trained civilian. Using basic maneuvers with the DVD information and travel wrench, the civilian is able to thwart his attacker and escape unharmed. The Travel Wrench could easily be replaced by any number of other improvised tools such as a small mag light flashlight, marker, or pen. For the Purpose of this DVD, Datu Worden chooses to emphasize impact weapons rather than edged tools. Worden shows the viewer the possibilities of self defense with a range of different self defense impact tools, including short hand sticks, kubotans, keys, belts, chains, ropes, canes, sticks or batons. All using the same basic form as taught for the Travel Wrench. Citing the expression that “Wood(impact weapons) seeks Bone, Steel (edged weapons) seeks Flesh”, he makes it clear that we have to be conscious of the level of escalation we are prepared to allow a situation to increase to. An impact weapon has far less repercussions than edged weapons legally, ethically and karmatically. As Repetition creates Natural Response, those movements you practice the most during training will be your natural response in a fight when instinct takes over. Flowing from one strike to another, one control to another, from strike to control and back to strike during practice will make those transitions easier when they are needed in a pinch. In closing, I find the DVD useful to both those players who wish to supplement traditional training systems into reality based application, as well as those renegade practitioners walking a broader path of integrated systems. The Travel Wrench Key Ring Instructional DVD is a solid introduction and practice tool for the martial artist of all levels.

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