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Plastic Restraints in Black 56192

Tri Fold Restraints ASP Black

Tri Fold Restraints ASP Black

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Disposable Tactical Restraints by ASP® like the famous ASP® expandable baton have been painstakingly designed to meet the needs of today's uniformed and tactical officers. These ASP Zip Ties are compact, easily carried, rapidly applied and have no sharp edges.

The ASP TriFold Restraints

are faster and easier to wrap up a suspect. Insert both hands at the same time and one pull tightens both loops together at the same time(not like cables). No sharp edges and wide enought to write on. Folded the ties fit neatly in the straps of a Molle vest. Much more compact and easier to get a hold of. Feature Wide Brightly Colored(yellow or black) Straps, Strong Over-sized Loops, Smooth pull Roller Loc™ ratchet locking mechanism.

Package of 6 Restraints.
Specifications: 21" Long, .5" Wide, .080" Thick, 6" Loop Diameter.

Training Tri-Fold #56191 in red (6 restraints per package)

Comes with one tri-fold ring. The training subject can rapidly release the training restraint by rolling his wrists outward. Black is usually used by military, law enforcement agencies prefer the higher visability yellow. and to assemble the Tri-Folds:

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