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Tubular Lock Drill

Tubular Lock Saw

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Tubular Lock Drill/Saw

For drilling out tubular locks when key or pick are not available.
A-1ís unique Tubular Saw cuts away the shoulder over pins to allow them to be removed and the lock opened. Pins remain intact for decoding. This saw will open locks with ball bearings in the keyway, but should not be used on locks with dead pins. Cuts brass or steel #137 standard locks at low speed.

If picking is not possible, lock-outs of tubular key locks can still be serviced. These hole saws destroy the pins at the shear line. Tubular Hole Saws will fit any 1/4" (6.35mm) electric drill. Saw life is approximately 3 openings. Not for use on locks with hardened pins or ball bearings in the keyway

Not returnable as are all lock pick products.

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