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UV Sterilizer Kills Germs and Viruses for your Health

UV Sterilizer Battery Powered

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UV Sterilizer Portable -- Professional Model UV-5G Germicidal Lamp 254nM

TheUV-5G is now upgraded, and more more powerful than the previous version. Much more powerful than the competing handheld models. This Ultraviolet sterilizer outputs 5 full Watts of UV germ killing power for your personal care. For sterilization and EPROM erasing
Perfect for traveling and around the house, this battery or AC powered UV (ultraviolet) sterilizer is safe, effective and convenient to help you improve the health and cleanliness of your environment.

The new, patented DeGERM-inator(TM) UV-5G Portable UV Sterilizer is the third generation of our breakthrough product, the DeGERM-inator Personal Sterilzer. It features over 3 times the germ-killing power of the original , operates on 4 AA Alkaline or NiCad rechargeable batteries (4 to 6 hours of use) and comes with an ac adapter for extended use. The uv sterilizer will sterilize any object or surface on which germs may be a threat around the home, office or on the road! It will kills germs and viruses on toothbrushes, cooking and eating utensils, baby's toys and nursery surfaces, food preparation surfaces...even a glass of drinking water....literally in seconds. To protect yourself and your family from contracting disease or illnesses, there is no faster or more effective way than by using the this product. And for those who want to avoid or limit the use of toxic chemical cleaners and disinfectants, the sterilizer is an excellent alternative. It is the ultimate "green" cleaning product. We say, "clean with soap and water...disinfect with LIGHT!" Warranty. Safely Sanitizes:
Drinking Water
Toilet seats and flush handles
Computer Mouse and Keyboards
and many other surfaces.
Made by Spectronics the world leader in UV equipment. Every unit is serialized with permanent tag from the factory.
The UV sterilizer kills a wide range of disease-causing Bacteria AND Viruses in seconds. Kills germs like Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, Hepatitis, Influenza and much more. The UV Sterilizer uses discrete germicidal (254nm) ultraviolet radiation to kill or render harmless a wide range of germs, bacteria, viruses and other disease-causing microorganisms in just seconds!
This model comes with:
an AC adaptor for convenient home use and can operate on set of 4 batteries (AA) as well. Also includes
a warranty registration card (1 year warranty) and
operating instructions.
Fresh Alkaline batteries will last about 3 hours.

How it Works
Simply install batteries or use the AC adaptor and turn it on. Shine the light on any non-porous surface about 4 to 5 seconds (longer for toothbrushes) to kill or inactivate many common disease causing germs, bacteria and viruses. Do not use to sterilize food items and is not recommended for anthrax spores. Not to be used on your skin. See Germ Killing Tablefor a list of bacteria, virus and other microorganisms that are killed or rendered harmless with the UV Sterilizer.
Bulb is rated for 5000 hours.
One Year Limited Warranty through Spectronics. Certificate of Warranty is included with each unit. Buy 2 and get $3.95 shipping.


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