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Which is more effective stun gun or taser?

Which is more effective at disabling an attacker stun gun or taser?

Winner: Taser

A Taser is both a contact stun gun and a stun gun that works over a distance. A taser is a stun device manufactured by Taser International. A Taser shoots 2 darts connected to its power generator with copper wires. The darts are barbed to stay fixed in whatever it contacts either clothing or skin. The darts have a range of fifteen feet, the length of their connecting wires. A current is generated in the handle of the Taser and travels though the wires into the target. To form a complete circuit, either both electrodes must pierce the target or one has to strike the target and the other must make contact with the ground. The current will immobilize the target immediately and send him to the ground by overriding and confusing his bodies neural impulses. Every time the trigger is pressed another 30 second round of pulses is generated and sent through the wires into the target. Tasers have been used by thousands of police forces around the world for many years. There are tons of reports showing that the taser is as effective as a 9mm gun for disabling a person (but without the spilling of blood).

Furthermore, the Taser can be used just like a stun gun for pain compliance. When the gun has exhausted its cartridge, the probes on the end of the gun will carry the current and the device can be used just like any other contact stun gun. Just make contact with the target person with the business end of the taser and press the trigger.

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