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Why Police Magnum Pepper Spray?

Ounce for ounce you get much more bang for your buck with Police Magnum pepper spray. The formula is, as they say in the industry, "chemical based" as opposed to water based.

What's the first thing you do when sprayed with pepper spray? You go get some water to wash it off with. Why make a pepper spray out of water then? Your using the same liquid that will be used to neutralize the effects. Do you see the conflict? Do you think a water based spray may be less effective than a chemical based spray? You'd be right.

Police Magnum is a chemical-based spray and its non-flammable. So you get the best of both worlds. The chemicals used in the formula help make the pepper spray components more effective, yet they are not flammable (no alcohol is used like some other sprays). Another problem with water sprays is that they need something to keep the oily pepper base in solution so it will spray correctly and uniformly. Well, they use alcohol to do this and voila a water-based spray becomes flammable. Ironic, no?

You can steer clear of these issues by just getting Police Magnum. They have it figured out so its more effective and not flammable. In fact they have over 800 formulas they can make to ensure the right combination of features are obtained.

Thousands of satisfied customers including many police agencies and professionals swear by Police Magnum, so should you.

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