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What is the primary purpose of a defense spray product?

To take away the desire and/or ability for a subject to resist an officer's compliance commands or to allow a civilian to flee from an attacker.

Since (most) all defense spray products eventually work the most desirable and successful product should be the one that will work the fastest—and do so most consistently and effectively.

FOX LABS International's Premium Defense Spray line-up is unequaled, with virtually immediate incapacitation of subjects exposed to them. On-contact effectiveness documented by police officers under actual arrest circumstances range from instantaneous slamming shut of the eyes to total incapacitation in an incredible three (3) seconds on subjects ranging from belligerent to drunk and drugged to psychotic.*

*No defense spray product, and not even a fire arm, is 100% effective in all circumstances. Users should use extreme caution and observe reactions of the subjects who are sprayed to make sure that they are indeed affected by the product.

1. SAFEST: FOX LABS only uses the highest quality ingredients. Their "Five Point Three" formula uses an OC (pepper) that is so highly refined (purified) that it is a "clear red liquid." Compare this FOX formula to defense spray formulas from other manufacturers (by spraying into a clear glass or jar) and you will see that these other formulas appear as a dirty-looking, orange, and opaque liquid. "Five Point Three" is so clear that you can see right through it! This means that it atomizes from the canister better and works faster than other formulas. Additionally, because the OC is so pure, FOX LABS is able to make a formula consisting of only 2% OC! Plus, because of the unique formulation of ingredients one does not need to use as much (FOX) spray to bring most subjects under compliance. Lower percentage of OC and less formula sprayed on subjects means faster decontamination and therefore reduced liability concerns, because the longer a person remains contaminated, the greater the opportunity for a health related problem to surface. Furthermore, all FOX formulas are non-flammable. 2. HOTTEST: This means most intense overall. No one is using a purer OC (pepper) to start with than FOX LABS INTERNATIONAL. This means that no matter what is claimed by others, the bottom line is the purity of ingredients makes FOX superior in terms of intensity. This is because OC is comprised of four things: 1) Capsaicinoids (heat), 2) Oil (that carries the capsaicinoids), 3) Color and 4) Junk (all of the miscellaneous matter that embodies the OC resin). Think about how crude oil is made into gasoline…you get kerosene, then you get regular gas and finally after more refinement, Premium gas. The main difference between this process and the refinement of the OC used for FOX Premium Defense Sprays is that when you refine (purify) the petroleum you also need to add things to get the end results mentioned in the preceding sentence. The refinement process (purification) of the OC used in FOX "Five Point Three" only takes things "away" or "out" of the resin. This means that the "junk," "color," and even some of the "oil" is actually removed from the resin leaving virtually nothing but "HEAT!" That is why it is plain to see (remember you can actually see the quality of Fox formulas by comparing it to others in a clear glass container) that FOX "Five Point Three" is some incredibly hot stuff, but still safest.

3. FASTEST-ACTING: No figures are available to show how many times a person's eyes slam shut instantly when the FOX formula gets in them, but most officers that use the products, or have been personally exposed to them, attest to the fact that even in extreme cases of resistance, no other brand slams the eyes shut faster than FOX Five Point Three." Furthermore, in addition to the incredibly pure OC (described above in #2), the carrier used in FOX products removes the layer of oil (lipids) that is always on the surface of our skin and opens the pores, so when the "HEAT" of the purified OC hits it creates immediate pain to the skin in addition to the (temporary) blinding effects on the eyes. As a matter-of-fact, in FOX OC Instructor classes it is taught that if the officer doesn't see the subject who is sprayed with FOX "Five Point Three" visibly affected by the product within an astounding three (3) seconds, then they should prepare to spray again or escalate in force. In comparison tests done by various police academies using every major brand of defense spray, nothing was faster-acting on more subjects than FOX brand premium defense sprays. 4. MOST EFFECTIVE: This refers to not only how fast the subject is shutdown with the defense spray, but also how incapacitated they actually become. In many instances officers find that after using their FOX product that they only have to threaten to discharge a FOX Premium Defense Spray for the subject to give-up, quit resisting or comply with the officer's commands. And this applies to subjects who have never been personally sprayed, but who have "heard" about the effects of the FOX brand.

5. MOST RELIABLE & CONSISTANT: FOX recommends that their Premium Defense Sprays be replaced two-years from date of purchase. This isn't because the products will cease working after that period of time, but because the chance of failure increases. Atoms are always in flux—always moving—because of this something called diffusion takes place. The atoms that comprise the propellants are smaller than those of the gaskets, and over a period of time they will slowly, but surely, escape. That is why there comes a time with any aerosol spray when you depress the button and all you get is a funny sound and a spray pattern that goes only a few inches. By warranting the products for two years FOX LABS INTERNATIONAL greatly reduces the chances of this happening to their products. The results from this policy are evident in quotes from police agencies like this one: "Have had zero failures in five years of use. 100% effective, 100% immediate stop and drop. Officer injuries have declined considerable since Fox put into use. Officers report Fox effective against subjects already sprayed with other brands and still resisting." Lt. J.W. Ohio. Or how about this one taken from an actual police report: "…While chasing him on foot I was unable to grab him. At that time I deployed my pepper gas and discharged it in the area of the rear of his head from about ten feet away. The pepper gas struck the subject in the rear of the head and shoulder area. The subject then immediately fell to the ground and was handcuffed and placed under arrest." Officer T.H., Georgia. The agency that documented this incident—which by-the-way is the only report we have ever heard of where someone was taken down from behind with an aerosol defense spray—switched their entire department to FOX "Five Point Three" a couple of weeks later (up until that time they had been using BodyGuard brand). 6. FIRST AND ONLY ONE OF KIND: See following excerpt from original 1998 press release:

DETROIT— FOX LABS International turns up the heat, again! In August 1998, the Michigan-based manufacturing and marketing company introduced another breakthrough product for law enforcement in the realm of less-lethal aerosol defense sprays—5,300,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) in a 2% OC (pepper) solution! This is the second time Fox Labs has set a new standard in this arena. In 1994, Fox Labs was the first company to introduce a true two million SHU OC formula to the marketplace and it revolutionized the industry. It is still unsurpassed by any other product, except Five Point Three.

These newest defense spray formulas from Fox Labs International will continue to meet the requirements and fill the most stringent needs of any department or agency while offering the additional benefits of reducing liability concerns and baby-sitting time. They accomplish this by lowering the content (percentage) of unnecessary components (pepper plant junk, oil & color) within the pepper resin, thus leaving a purer, and therefore higher concentration of heat (capsaicinoids). This translates into reduction of potential liability problems (when using aerosol defense sprays as part of the force continuum) and quicker recovery times without sacrificing—but actually increasing—the stopping power. This is because the OC is so highly refined it is a clear red liquid—not dirty and opaque like all other brand's of formulas. It is plain to see how this means the Fox formulas will atomize from the canister better and work faster.


Fox Labs' products are legendary for their superiority. These pages have shown, our defense sprays are field-proven to be unsurpassed for their safety, intensity, virtually instant on-contact effectiveness, reliability, and overall quality. Furthermore, our roster of customers covers a complete range of law enforcement and peacekeeping agencies, including the U.S. Army, state police/highway patrols, county sheriff's offices, city police departments, correctional facilities and jails, and federal agents from Department of Defense Police, Probation & Parole and Military Police. For ten years we have continually fulfilled our mission to only provide products that will make you safer, more efficient and more effective in the performance of your duties. This has been accomplished by consistently being the first to bring you new, innovative products that have ultimately changed the industry and positively affected the lives of the thousands of officers that use them daily. With all of this information at your fingertips, wouldn't your agree that now is the perfect time to share it with your decision-makers so they can understand why your agency should be using Fox Labs' truly exceptional defense spray products, too?

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