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In his quest to find a product to protect his wife, a rape victim, from the pain and suffering of a future attack, Fox Labs 5.3 was founded. Personal safety has never been more important than in today's hectic world. Many people have taken extra measures to ensure their safety by carrying powerful pepper (OC) sprays. Employed by both individuals and law enforcement professionals, Fox Labs pepper spray has consistently delivered the best results of successfully fending off an attacker or controlling a crowd by causing blinding pain, temporary blindness, and disorientation. Featuring a 5.3 million Scoville heat unit, SHU formula, which is twice as powerful compared to average oc sprays, this is a repellent that will not only throw your attacker off, but it will stop them in their tracks, allowing you to leave the scene and seek help or just escape.

Used by correctional facilities, law enforcement agencies, and military organizations, Fox Labs pepper spray offers maximum protection with minimum effort. They are non-flammable and can be safely used with Taser or stun guns without worry. Featuring great power often implies a lasting effect on the attacker, but with the special 5.3 MM SHU formula there is powerful protection, without skin blistering or any long term harm. This spray is one of the safest ways to inflict the right amount of harm, and it comes with a warranty. Fox Labs offers a 3-year warranty on every pepper spray issued because they promise every can will be free of manufacturer's defects.
Fox pepper spray comes in flip top and cop top cans. The flip top (helps prevent accidental discharges) stream and cone fog spray are the most popular models in the series. Whether you choose the keychain model or the White Lightning formula, you cannot go wrong with Fox Labs to improve your self defense and personal protection.

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Note: Fox Labs has made a change in the solvent used in their original formula. It will be physically lighter than the compound used previously so the net weight of the formula will be lighter as well. The 2 oz net weight will become 1.5 oz and the 16 oz will become 12 oz. However, this will not cause any impact on the effectiveness of the product. The pepper content and potency will remain the same.
The volume and the number of sprays you get in each can will not change.

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We are pleased to carry a variety of Fox Labs pepper spray options to meet your safety needs. From training kits to show beginners how it should be done to pocket sized key chains, we have the selection to find exactly what you want for your safety. Whether looking for flip-top cans, gun handle riot sprays, or refills, all of these powerful pepper spray products have been manufactured by the top name in self-defense sprays for a product you can trust your life with. From practice water sprays for safe training to holsters for fast access, our diverse inventory can keep you safe in any situation.

Since 2001, DefenseDevices.com has been your source for effective and affordable personal safety equipment. From the non-lethal but life-saving pepper sprays to heavy-duty weapons to keep you safe in a variety of emergencies, we strive to bring you only the most-trusted brands in self-defense because, in a time of crisis, you deserve the very best in protection.

Pepper Spray cannot be shipped to NY, MA, HI or AK or outside the USA. (Except Bear Spray and Muzzle Dog Spray can be shipped to NY, and WI). Any order that includes pepper spray will be shipped UPS or USPS Ground unless you specifically ask to split the order and ship the other items by air. Two shipping charges would then apply.

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